Speaker Fecteau working on childcare issues

Imagine if every Maine worker had safe, reliable, affordable access to child care.

We can absolutely meet the needs of Maine families and support our economy with an investment in child care. If we want to support Maine families and help Maine kids reach their full potential, strengthening our early childhood education and care workforce is the best place to start.

Early childhood education is widely recognized to be among the best investments we can make in our future. Children enrolled in high quality early childhood education programs have fewer behavior problems and better social skills. They are more prepared for school and do better academically. These advantages stay with young people as they continue through school and even into adulthood. More broadly, that means a stronger workforce and more stable communities in the future.

It also strengthens our workforce now, as parents and other family members are more able to work when they have access to quality education programs and childcare.

Right now, I’m sponsoring a bill to expand early childhood education though expanded training opportunities at career and technical education centers and providing financial help to Maine students pursuing early childhood education credentials. It would also set up incentives so we can recruit and retain this critical workforce. 

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